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Now that you have decided that a newly built property is for you and have started on the journey of purchasing your new home, here at 3rd EYE CONSULTANTS we fully understand how stressful this process can be.

 Therefore, we provide a professional snagging service for new builds that will ensure your new home is of a quality you would expect.

The idea of being asked to find faults with your brand-new home may sound strange, but it is important to remember your home has been hand built in all-weather by many trades. 

Poor workmanship and defects are common in today’s newly built homes, the industry is plagued with inexperienced and poor trades with little or no pride in their work,

It is no wonder the industry has a poor reputation for delivering quality new-built homes.

With the help of 3rd EYE CONSULTANTS, we can help prevent costly defects, time and inconvenience to our customers.

We specialise in new build houses and apartments, compiling a comprehensive and detailed photographic report and snagging survey, which enables your builder to act quickly in rectifying the defects we identify.


The ideal time to have your snagging inspection carried out is preferably before you take legal completion. This would allow your builder to carry out defects we have identified prior to occupation of your new home.

Many house builders will have a customer care system that over see’s the procedures and timescales for reporting defects.


Our recommendation is that you have a snagging survey carried out as soon as possible following handover, but certainly within the first 4 weeks of occupation.

Having extensive knowledge and experience within the house building industry, we will compile a detailed comprehensive photographic snagging report, which you will receive the same day electronically. We can also issue a paper copy if you prefer.

It is important to note a snagging survey is a visual inspection and is not a structural building or valuation report.

The inspection usually takes between 2 & 4 hours and all defects are summarised in our reports.


The defects I commonly identify through snagging range from roofing issues, poor insulation, thermal bridging, poor brickwork, leaks, breaches in building regulations and NHBC/LABC standards, aesthetic issues such as decoration, wall and floor tiling, damaged kitchen units etc.

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